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Business Files: Every Document in its Place

Business File, is a Document Management Software developed by NTS Project, an NTS Group company, to classify, to sort, to research and share any type of file, either locally, via internet. Business Fuile APP allows the user to share documents through Smartphones and Tablets.

Business File can be used integrated with ERP Software Business, stand-alone or integrated with other ERP Software.

File archiving can be done in the following ways:

  • Manual mode. The user chooses a category and the system provides a form for previewing the document and inserting input fields for indexing.
  • Automatic mode. By integrating with ERP Business or other management software, the system automatically generates an electronic document in PDF format and archives it and indexes it automatically with the registration data (eg customer master data and the number, date and items of the detail lines of the document, etc.).
  • Massive Mode. By reading a barcode, Business File can archive in one time a big number of documents.

The documents can be organized into files collecting documents of different nature that are virtually linked to common features (for example: project design, order, invoice, etc.). Business File can be used "in house" or by using the "cloud" services.

Privacy and GDPR module allows you to configure user authentication with complex passwords, encrypt the documents entered, manage the expiration and cancellation of documents (right to be forgotten). Two types of user logs are available to track logins and logouts from the software (function also active for administrators) and to record the operations performed on documents or on specific categories or groups of users (indexing, modification, cancellation, display and download print documents).

Business File enhances company efficiency, with real and measurable benefits:

  • Lower management costs. Thanks to the physical preservation of archives and the reduction of printed documents.
  • Efficiency and Productivity. Greater speed and precision in document searching, drastic error reduction and duplication of information.
  • Security. Digital archives are easier to protect and conserve over time, and can be made available to users with differentiated access levels

Business Files: Electronic Archiving and Invoicing

NTS Project, a NTS Group company, has developed a specific software module to manage the phases of electronic invoicing according to the italian fiscal format .XML.

"Electronic Invoice" module, perfectly integrated with the ERP Business Cube software or connected with other management solutions using a powerful SDK, provides an additional solution to manage the entire electronic invoicing cycle:

  • Generate and digitally sign the electronic invoice XML file
  • Send the digitally signed .XML file via certified e-mail
  • Manage notifications by certified e-mail and Interchange Italian System
  • Archive documents according to the Italian law "in house" or "in cloud"

Thanks to a console, it is possible to manage notifications received by the Italian Interchange Italian System and by the consignee (Italian Public Administration or Private Companies). 


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